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Meet The Team

About Us


Jordynn & Tyson


Jordynn & Tyson met in 2015 in Asheville NC. They got married in 2021 right after they started this business together! Before screen printing, Tyson sold cars for Fred Anderson Toyota and insurance with Farm Beuaru. He is a native to the area as he grew up in Burnsville, NC and went to college at Mars Hill University.

Jordynn began her entrepreneurial journey in 2016 by creating an online boutique for women. Graphic tees were always a number one seller so the idea for All Dogs Printing started from printing her own! She is originally from Detroit, Michigan but has lived in Asheville since 2011 and graduated from TC Roberson High School.

Tyson handles most of the screen printing while Jordynn will be the one quoting you and working on mockups and artwork!

Out of the office you can find these two hiking, driving to the beach, and hanging out with their animals!


Aka Dukerman, Pooks, Pookie Boy, 3 Toe 

The Dukerman is a 10 year old good boy. 

Jordynn rescued him when he was 3 months old from Brother Wolf Animal

Rescue in 2012. They have lived all over together and he is a great friendly shop dog!


- loves to run in circles outside

- destroy every toy he gets

- put his head in your lap when begging for food

- he HATES scrambled eggs

- barks at nothing

- loves to go on adventures

- is the world's best cuddle buddy

- had a toe removed 2 years ago but still best boy ever



Aka Pig, Scamper, Piggie Boy, The Post Man 

Ghost is a 6 year old white German Shepard. 

Jordynn and Tyson got him from New Tazwell TN in 2017.

He is protective and loyal over his family. He is a very sweet boy but he is

afraid of strangers so you won't see him at the shop on busy days.

He also sheds like crazy so please excuse any rogue dog hair!


- loves to lay on the ottoman 

- loves to run around in an open field 

- HATES getting a bath

- will jump in the water after any stick or ball

- loves to go to his Granny's house

- loves to go on adventures

- likes to meet and play with other dogs

- is the goofiest boy you will ever meet



Aka Kitty Boy, Mojito, Mojy

Mojo is a 1 year old Siamese cat. 

Jordynn and Tyson got him from the Yancey County Humane Society in 2021.He is super smart and so curious! He loves to terrorize the dogs but jumping out from behind things at them. ​The dogs are so gentle with him and they love to play!


- demands cuddles and to be carried around 

- loves to knock everything off the counter

- is the bravest boy 

- loves to get into the dog food container

- super nice to new people 

- will talk back to you with MEOW

- loves a soft cozy spot

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